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 Custom Shade Window Tinting & Glass Graphics in Springfield is more than a tint shop. We research products on the market so that we are up to date with the latest window tint information and technology in the Springfield, MO area. We offer you the very best window tint  available for Business, Home, and Auto window tinting in Springfield, MO

Auto Tinting

Auto window film is not just for making your vehicle look good. Auto film blocks out 99% of the UV rays. UV light is the main cause of skin cancer. Blocking the UV light keeps your leather seats from drying out and cracking so you can get the best price out of your car when you go to sell it. Glass tinting greatly reduces glare from the sun that adds strain on the eyes and fatigues the body, making you tired when driving long distances. Kids that are strapped in car seats for safety can be stuck in the direct sunlight exposing them to harmful UV rays and the bright sun making them uncomfortable and irritable.

IR Blocking Window Tinting and electric cars.  Tesla's, Chevy Volt etc. In the light wave spectrum, the IR or Infer Red relates to heat. These films block out more heat than normal tinting and can extend the battery life on the new electric cars by making your ac run less on hot summer days. New films are being developed as we speak to help insulate cars for summer and winter to help extend battery life on electric vehicles.  


Commercial Tinting

Glass Tinting can greatly reduce your energy bills. Window tinting will pay for its self within a few year and then start saving you money. This is a fantastic product to help with hot and cold rooms in the winter and summer.

Offices in the center or the north side of the build seam to always stay cold, and the offices with windows on the East-West and South are hot in summers and winters, window film can balance this issue out. Up your productivity of your employees by keeping them comfortable, Glare can add stress to the eyes and this will drain your energy making people become very unproductive.

A skylight can add unpleasant heat and light to your work environment, Custom Shade has several options to help with these issues, we have exterior film for the hard to get to skylights, Window films that are made for acrylics, and light defusing films.


Residential Tinting

Similar to commercial tinting, residential tinting can help regulate the temperature of your home, reducing hot & cold rooms. We can help you enjoy your sunroom throughout the year & help reduce energy bills with one of our many film options. 3M has window films that will block out 99.9% of the UV light. UV light is the main contributor to fading, blocking UV ray with window film will not save you any money in the short term, but can save a ton of cash in the long term. Refinishing your faded wood flooring isn't cheap. Toss your blinds and curtains because they went out of style not because the cord snapped or the material faded due to the sun damage.  The new rug or that leather couch will remain new looking and won’t get banished to the basement when the leather dries out and gets hard and uncomfortable.

 Call us today to schedule an appointment, we will come to your home and show you all of your options to make your house feel as amazing as it will look!


How Low-E Glass is designed to work.

 Low-E glass works a few different ways. A double pane glass has two pieces of glass with air trapped in between the two. The unit has four surfaces on both pieces of glass. Surface one is the very outside surface ‘Outside of your house”. Surface two is the inside surface of the outer pain, surface three is the inside surface of the inside pain, surface four is the outside surface of the inside pain, the surface you can touch when you’re standing inside your home looking out. Hope this isn’t too confusing.

When you have a Low-E glass unit there are a few different ways the glass manufacturer builds a Low-E unit. In the Midwest, the Low-E coating is placed on surface three. The purpose of this is to reflect some of the sun’s rays back out of the unit to the outside keeping the heat out of your home. During this process, it has to pass through the air space between the pains and warms up the air. This makes a warm barrier in the glass to help keep the cold from transferring inside in the winter. There is one major problem with adding Low-E glass to your home, this only works on sunny days, at night or on cloudy days this is very ineffective. The other design of Low-E glass is to apply the Low-E coating to surface two, this is done mainly in the southern states and hotter climates. This design reflects the rays out before it hits the airspace, keeping the trapped air cooler and adding less heat transfer into the house. Replacing or buying Low-E glass is a good choice, but your return on your investment will take a while.


All Season Window films. 

The masterminds at 3M designed their Low-e films to benefit you day and night summer and winter. Window film is applied to surface four. In the daytime, when the sun’s rays pass through the glass and hit the film it rejects it back out of the house passing through the airspace warming it up, helping in the winter and in the summer by rejecting the rays out. 3M uses a layer of polypropylene in their Low-E films. This is designed to retain the warm or cool air inside the house by reflecting it back inside and causing less heat or cold transfer to the outside. Window film has higher heat and UV rejection than a Low-e glass unit. Your windows are the main contributor to heat gain or loss in your house or business 3M’s low-E window films are insulation for your windows.

 Making sure your attic has enough insulation has been a standard for years; recently Low-E glass is becoming the standard. Make sure you're getting the best return on your investment. Call Custom Shade Window Tinting for any information on how to save money with our many window film options.  

 3M Thinsulate window film is a clear film that will virtually turn your single pain glass into the same properties as double pain and a double pain into a triple pain. This is a great all season glass film that you will never see.

 3M Low-E 35% or 20% is a reflective film that will block out more glare and add some privacy to your windows.

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