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​Home & Office window tinting in Springfield, MO​

Commercial Window Tinting

Glass Tinting can greatly reduce your energy bills. Window tinting will pay for its self within a few years and then start saving you money. This is a fantastic product to help with hot and cold rooms in the winter and summer.

Offices in the center or the north side of the build seam to always stay cold, and the offices with windows on the East-West and South are hot in summers and winters, window film can balance this issue out. Up your productivity of your employees by keeping them comfortable, Glare can add stress to the eyes and this will drain your energy making people become very unproductive.

A skylight can add unpleasant heat and light to your work environment, Custom Shade has several options to help with these issues, we have exterior film for the hard to get to skylights, Window films that are made for acrylics, and light defusing films.

 Residential Window Tinting

Similar to commercial tinting, residential tinting can help regulate the temperature of your home, reducing hot & cold rooms. We can help you enjoy your sunroom throughout the year & help reduce energy bills with one of our many film options. 3M has window films that will block out 99.9% of the UV light. UV light is the main contributor to fading, blocking UV ray with window film will not save you any money in the short term, but can save a ton of cash in the long term. Refinishing your faded wood flooring isn't cheap. Toss your blinds and curtains because they went out of style not because the cord snapped or the material faded due to the sun damage.  The new rug or that leather couch will remain new looking and won’t get banished to the basement when the leather dries out and gets hard and uncomfortable.

 Call us today to schedule an appointment, we will come to your home and show you all of your options to make your house feel as amazing as it will look!